Here are some photos from my checkered past.  Enjoy!

Yours Truly making a rare public appearance with the lovely and gracious Dawna! WOW!!! How did I get so lucky?! Hamming it up with Otto's Revenge at Kennedy's in St. Louis in 1997 with best friend Deron Boyd at Eddie's in Granite City, IL in between sets with Knucklehead - you gotta love that beard frightening children with Knucklehead
playing way too many instruments with Knucklehead oblivious to anything but strings ...can't believe I'm in a bar yah, I smile sometimes, so what! in a daze at Baha Rock Club in St. Charles, MO at the Broadway Bistro in St. Louis with Knucklehead
laying back in the pocket with BenWahBob it's just a cola...really...I swear Some Rush self-indulgence at Ten Pin in Alton, IL Rehearsing with Deron & Knucklehead in my old home studio in Granite City Trying to break the neck off of my '73 Rickenbacker...nice Spandex, too! 22-years-old and still skinny
Those1Guys (Rusty, Brian, Paul) in Alton, IL 2002 With T1G in Wood River, IL 2002 Playing bass & keyboards, singing, & juggling chain saws... With T1G in Wood River, IL 2002 Kermit LOVES 2112!!! Bad Hair Day with T1G at Stevie Ray's in St. Charles, MO 2002
Few things in this Floating World sound better than new strings on a Rickenbacker! T1G promo shot in the dressing room at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO The pipe organ I almost bought for my home...before it burned up in a church fire the next day! The very fire that claimed said instrument...


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