PJS on MySpace - the "official" Paul J. Smith page

Unaffiliated (but cool nonetheless)
Röck Böttöm - STL area '80s Rock cover band
Ivory Tiger - STL area '80s Rock cover band
Double Ds - Highland, IL area Rock/Country cover band
Ted May - Simply one of the most talented bass players on the planet
Just Mr. - STL area Classic Rock cover band & Journey tribute

Pop's  - Sauget, IL
The Pageant  - St. Louis, MO

Fishbone Bass Guitars - Makers of the finest custom bass guitars on the planet
Ampeg - My bass amplification of choice
Crate - Maker of great tube guitar amps at a great price
Roland - My keyboards of choice for many years now
Knilling - My string instruments of choice
Wicks Organ Company - My former employer...and maker of fine custom pipe organs, as well as great-sounding digital organs
LS Electronics - If you're in St. Louis and need it fixed, this is the place
The Laser's Edge - Ken Golden is the purveyor of the widest selection of progressive music on the internet...period

KSHE - STL area's oldest Rock radio staion 94.7FM
Echoes - Syndicated Ambient Music radio show - The best ProgRock streaming audio station on the internet
Otto's Baroque - The best Baroque streaming audio station on the internet

MetalSmith Musik
PO Box 55
St. Jacob, IL 62281


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