Binary Treadmill
Such is the name I have dubbed this project.  It came about quite on its own, really.  As I was searching through my Roland XP-80 keyboard for sounds to use in the progrock project, I kept stumbling across some really cool sounds.  Most of them weren't really useful for that project, but they inspired me to mess around a bit.  I have long been a fan of the syndicated radio show "Echoes" which plays weeknights in St. Louis on WSIE.  I suppose this created itself in the back of my mind as a result of this affinity.

The name is exactly as it implies:  Binary - for the digital aspect of the music; and Treadmill - for the fact that it is music that really goes just sort of runs in place.

I can't really tell much about how it will sound, because I really don't know how to adequately define it.  It will definitely be different.  I have been thinking of adding some ambient strings to it...just because.  We'll see...


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