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Noteworthy News
There are still many projects in the pipeline.  Some are moving faster than others.  The current focus is on the Chickenhead project, which first album should be forthcoming around the end of this year 2010.

The original ProgRock project is also moving along, though not as fast as before.  Look for this sometime ealy next year 2011.

There is an abundance of string music arrangements available at FreeScores.com.

The pipe organ refurbishment has progressed, and is nearing completion.  Pictures and story will be available soon.

...and, thanks for checking in on me every so often.  I really appreciate it.


Coverband Stuff
For those who have not yet heard, I am no longer a member of the long-time STL cover band BenWahBob. I had a great time playing with the various lineups over the years, since 2003, but determined it was time to go in a different direction. I wish Carlos all the best with his new lineup, and expect the band will be around for many years yet to come.

I have been playing with another local cover band.  Incognito has been busy all around the St. Louis area, and should continue into 2011.  Look for us at a music club near you, or check the schedule page for occasional updates.

Thanks to John Piskulic & Thom Kieffer at Fishbone Bass Guitars in St. Louis, MO for the outstanding 6-string bass guitar.
I couldn't ask for a better instrument.

Thanks to Jerry Taussig at Taussig Violin in Chesterfield, MO for the nice German violin, viola, & cello bows, and for all he has done for me and my cello (and Dawna's violins) over the years.  Jerry has closed his shop now and gone into retirement due to some nagging repetitive motion injuries and the early onset of arthritis in his neck.  He is a great guy and a true professional, and will be sorely missed.  Enjoy the new life, Jerry!

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